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Summer Camps 2021

CSA is hosting skill-specific camps, meaning each camp will be focusing on one skill. The skills that will be broken down are passing, attacking, defense, and serving. There will be one camp a week for Middle School athletes and for High School athletes to focus on these skills. Camp registration is required as we have a participant limit; 64 limit for MS and 48 limit for HS. Each camp is $50.00. Below are camp dates, times, and locations.


Passing Camp

Middle School - June 7th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm

High School - June 9th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm


Attacking Camp

Middle School - June 14th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm

High School - June 16th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm


Defense Camp

Middle School - June 21st @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm

High School - June 23rd @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm


Serving Camp

Middle School - June 28th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm

High School - June 30th @ Play It Now Sports (PINS) from 5:00-7:00 pm


Futures Camp: 9-13 yr olds

June 22nd @ Grand Peak Academy from 6:00-8:00 pm

June 29th @ Grand Peak Academy from 6:00-8:00 pm

**2 separate Camps - please register for each one


Registration links and COVID safety protocols are below.

Middle School Passing Participants

Cera Clennan Megan Ury
Sophia McNab Sophia Evans
Toryn Dempsey Taryn Hall
Joslyn Pedroso Lauren Leaming
Mckylee Pebley Allison Montague
Janae Johnson Taryn Bruce
Kate Montague Jaimie Sandoval
Emily Case Adiel Byers
Aria Cruz Maleah Ragsdale
Keira Shockley Brooklyn McCorkell
Norah Bayless Missa Kleppe
Brandi Mccorkell Shaniya Hargrave
Rylie Clennan Amira Bonilla
Mia ONeil
Maddie Sprinz
Layla Rainey

High School Passing Participants

Madeline Sanderson Alexandria McNab Natalie Hamann
Jessie Koscove Lauren Foster Anne Dalsaso
Maya Turner Jordynn Gonzales Zoey Paris
Abbygail Stalp Ayla Bransford Keira Williams
Anberlin Sparling Lydia Cady Gabby Chiriboga
Sam Stutz Meadow Nusbaum Kendall Burnett
Avery Paris Emma Lucero Kaitlyn Hall
Rylie Kilgore Emma Radabaugh Madi Strickland
Samira Jackson Kylie Maranville Sophie Ross
Morgan Swennes Kacie Weinerth Alicia Owens
Brecklyn Pebley Ariana LaGrill Taylor Clark
AJ Teter Margo Salveson Kylie Katcher
Annika Kane Jallia Johnson Elleana Pruett
Abby Sprinz Camryn Pivarnik Danielle Winkler
Audra Williams Nasiah Armstead Adairia Bruce
Julia Reish Emery Gorsch Breanna Bowker

High School Attacking Camp is FULL

Middle School Attacking Participants

High School Attacking Participants

Nasiah Armstead Lauren Forster Kaylyn Poe
Aurora Bianchi Jallia Johnson Samira Jackson
Breanna Bowker Rylie Kilgore Margo Salveson
Adairia Bruce Jessie Koscove Maddie Sanderson
Kendall Burnett Emma Lucero Abbygail Stalp
Lydia Cady Zoe Maher Anya Stejskal
Isabel Cameron Alexandria McNab Brynae Stewart
Mia Champagne Erica Merz Brooklyn Stewart
Kaitlyn Crawford Gabby Chiriboga Hannah Studer
Anne Dalsaso Anali Mucino AJ Teter
LilaRose Everingham Eva Mucino Lillian Toliver
Madisynn Garske Alicia Owens Maya Turner
Jillian Gehrmann Avery Paris Jenna Vandever
Jordynn Gonzales Zoey Paris Kacie Weinerth
Madden Hagood Brecklyn Pebley Erikka Williams
Natalie Hamann Taylor Pierce Elayna Zelenbaba

High School Camp Waitlist:

Averie Tucker


High School Defense Camp is FULL

Middle School Defense Participants

High School Defense Participants

Nasiah Armstead Emery Gorsch Kaya Reynolds
Breanna Bowker Taylor Hollars Meka Sergeant
Ashleigh Bridge Samira Jackson Anberlin Sparling
Adairia Bruce Jallia Johnson Amya Speller
Lydia Cady Rylie Kilgore Abby Sprinz
Kaylee Castellini Jessie Koscove Abbygail Stalp
Mia Champagne Emma Lucero Anika Stikeleather
Gabby Chiriboga Erica Merz Hannah Studer
Taylor Clark Izabel Morales AJ Teter
Quinn Comiskey Alicia Owens Lillian Toliver
Kaitlyn Crawford Ella Pace Maya Turner
Anne Dalsaso Avery Paris Jenna Vandever
LilaRose Everingham Zoey Paris Erikka Williams
Gweneth Fisher Brecklyn Pebley Keira Williams
Jillian Gehrmann Camryn Pivarnik Audra Williams
Jordynn Gonzales Addisyn Raulie Danielle Winkler

High School Camp Waitlist:

Isabel Cameron

Peyton Priddy

Shaniya Hargrave

Addison Leasure

Sam Stutz

High School Serving Camp is FULL

Middle School Serving Participants

High School Serving Participants

Nasiah Armstead Shaniya Hargrave Kaylyn Poe
Breanna Bowker Samira Jackson Peyton Priddy
Kendall Burnett Annika Kane Elleana Pruett
Lydia Cady Kylie Katcher Kaya Reynolds
Isabel Cameron Rylie Kilgore Margo Salveson
Kaylee Castellini Jessie Koscove Meka Sergeant
Gabby Chiriboga Cara Leonard Anberlin Sparling
Quinn Cominskey Emma Lucero Abby Sprinz
Hunter Cox Alexandria McNab Abbygail Stalp
Kaitlyn Crawford Meadow Nusbuam Anya Stejskal
Anne Dalsaso Alicia Owens Anika Stikeleather
LilaRose Everingham Ella Pace Madi Strickland
Gweneth Fisher Avery Paris AJ Teter 2
Madisynn Garske Zoey Paris Maya Turner
Jordynn Gonzales Brecklyn Pebley Jenna Vandever
Emery Gorsch Taylor Pierce Erikka Williams
Natalie Hamann

High School Camp Waitlist:

Averie Tucker

Ella Beckwith

Sam Stutz

Isabella Heck

Futures Camp Participants June 22

Futures Camp Participants June 29


In order to protect our players, coaches, and their families we ask that you abide by the instructions the CDC has placed below:

1. Players and coaches, ages 11 and above, who have not been vaccinated, are recommended to wear masks. 

2. Players and coaches who are vaccinated do not have to wear masks. 

3. We will do our best to keep social distancing as well. 

4. All players must bring sufficient water to drink. NO sharing of water bottles is allowed.

5. Any spectators will need to be social distancing as well.  The same mask rules apply to spectators.

6. Use of hand sanitizer is recommended on breaks.