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COVID Updates

This page has been created to keep all of our members and program participants updated and informed on the latest developments with COVID-19.  

Below you will find the latest information issued by RMR Volleyball, USA Volleyball governing body, important links, and how the club is handling this unique situation. All players will be advised of our protocols.

Please check back frequently, as well as email notifications, in regards to COVID-19 updates from CSAVBC.


In order to protect our players, coaches, and their families we ask that you abide by the instructions the CDC has placed below:

1. Players and coaches, ages 11 and above, who have not been vaccinated, are recommended to wear masks. 

2. Players and coaches who are vaccinated do not have to wear masks. 

3. We will do our best to keep social distancing as well. 

4. All players must bring sufficient water to drink. NO sharing of water bottles is allowed.

5. Any spectators will need to be social distancing as well.  The same mask rules apply to spectators.

6. Use of hand sanitizer is recommended on breaks.

COVID Protocols for Crossroads

Tons of information on Crossroads rules and regulations! Make sure you stay up to date.

UPDATED 04/15/2021 AT 10:30 AM


Hello everyone! 

I think everyone has heard the news that the State Health Department has passed COVID regulatory control off to the county governments. This generally means "fewer restrictions" but of course we'd like to offer a consistent experience for our RMR volleyball players and fans. Please review the document attached above, for a discussion of what you can expect at the gyms this weekend.

Short version:

We will continue the mask requirement for all persons indoors.

We will continue the check-in process with sign-in registration and temperature check

We will continue the single-spectator-per-athlete policy

Otherwise, look to your Site Directors for information about how each site will operate.

Please be polite and cooperative, as they work to give you a great spectator experience!

Good luck....      and have a great weekend!



updated 03/01/2021 at 10:39 am


We seem to be seeing an increase in covid-related quarantines, contact-tracing events, and team drops. The RMR would like to encourage all of you to employ whatever mechanisms that YOU, YOUR PLAYERS, and YOUR FAMILIES can do, to stay safe, stay engaged in sport, and stay on the court.  

What can you do? Athletes and their families can be ever-vigilant for covid symptoms among not only our players but also their siblings, friends, parents, co-workers. "If you see something, DO something." Individuals who have been exposed should go to quarantine. People who test positive or show symptoms should go to isolation. For more information, review the health information (link below). 

What else? Club Directors, Site Hosts, Referees, and Coaches can and should serve as our "safety screen" by employing all best practices on a daily basis, and at all venues.  Take temperatures every day. Look for symptoms. Talk to your players. Encourage the self-reporting that will keep us all safe!

In many of our communities, FREE COVID TESTING is available, hosted by local government and other vendors. Let's all try to take advantage of this important tool! "Best practice" might be to get your entire team tested each week... maybe on Thursday.

Wouldn't it be great to know that everyone in the gym is covid-free?


Updated 02/01/2021 at 12:07pm

From the RMR -


I’m afraid that the Colorado Department Of Health has determined that our hoped-for format of “6 players plus 2 subs plus four reserve-subs” is NOT allowed under the current Public Health Order.  Accordingly, we must cancel this weekend’s RMR Power Series events (Feb 6 Power 1 for the 14s, and Feb 7th Power 3 for the 15s&18s).

The Girls Junior Committee and staff will meet to discuss whether these events might be RE-scheduled later into the year.

Please note that Mountain Series Events are APPROVED to play under the “6+2” format that they utilized this past weekend. 

Also note that the current Public Health Order is due to be re-evaluated in two days time. Again, we hope that they will look favorably on the “6+2+4” format that we’ve proposed. The Girls Junior Committee will meet this Wednesday night to decide whether The RMR Showdown, scheduled for Feb 13-15, might proceed.

We have our fingers crossed for better news on Wednesday!



Updated 01/02/2021 at 4:22pm

Hello everyone. Happy new year!  I apologize for not a lot of updates lately but nothing has been happening until yesterday when the state announced that we will return to level orange on monday. With that said, we will return to practice starting Monday. The new schedule is below for the week of January 4th. The following week (January 11th) we hope to return to the schedule we had in Nov with the arena and chinook trail in it. 

I know many of you are wondering about refunds or credits as well. Please plan to continue paying dues as scheduled on the contracts you all have. We will look to credit any dues at the end of the season as necessary. 

The RMR has sent out a preliminary schedule for return to play but that will most likely take another level drop to happen but not sure yet. More to come on RMR. Please contact your coaches about tournaments and where they are. Coaches are watching those closely. I know it is hard to book rooms and sometimes flights without knowing what will happen but hotels need to be reserved in order for your team to remain registered with the tournament policies. Flights can be booked with insurance to protect yourselves as well. Hotels will be refunded if tournaments are canceled due to COVID is what most are stating on their websites. 

Stay tuned for more information!

Practice nights are listed below with the same times we are currently using at GPA unless noted. We can now have two teams in the gym. 

Coaches please make sure your forward to your teams also. 



5pm: 12n 13s 

6:30 pm: 18n 17n

8pm: 15n 16n


5pm: 14w 16s

6:30pm: 15s 15w

8pm: 14s 17s


5pm: 13n 14n

6:30pm: 15n 16n

8pm: 18n 17n


5pm: 16s open slot

6:30pm: 15s 15w

8pm: 14s 17s


630pm: 12n 13s


8am: 18n 17n

10am: 16n 15n

12pm: 14n 14w

2pm: 13n


Chris Sweeney

Updated 11/25/2020 at 10:27 am

Hi Everyone. First off, I want to thank all of you for how you have supported the girls in keeping them being able to be in the gym practicing and being with their friends even though we are not competing at this time. Your parental support through this has been amazing!

With that said, I regretfully must be the bearer of bad news once again. Due to the virus and the new level of restrictions, we are unable to continue practicing with our teams for the time being starting on Friday Nov. 27th. We really hate to have to do this because you have all behaved so well with the restrictions, wearing masks and such at practice and following our CSA guidelines for the virus and entering and leaving schools and such. We hope this restriction level will not last long and we will be back in the gym once again soon! Below is some verbiage from the Health Dept. as I have been working with them during this to ensure we got the most time we could before this had to happen.

CSA wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Please take care of yourselves and your families as that is what is most important. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Please stay tuned for any more information as you all know this is very dynamic still.

Please check with your coaches as they may have some virtual team workouts that they are planning. 


Hi Chris,

Sorry it took me a bit to respond and that I'm responding with bad news. Club sports are looped in with youth/adult recreational leagues. Pictured below is the language pertinent to you from the most recent public health order, attached, on page 16 in the "Red" section it states: "Organized recreational youth or adult league sports are not authorized for indoor settings".  I've attached the visual/graphic for level red which reflects the same under "Group Sports" on the top right. Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Here's to hoping level red doesn't last very long. 




‚ÄčKelly Carda

Disease Intervention Specialist

Communicable Disease and Tuberculosis Program

El Paso County Public Health

1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd. Suite 2044

Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Chris Sweeney

Director - Colorado Springs Altitude Volleyball Club


Updated 11/13/2020 at 10:26 am



As many of you may know, El Paso County is moving into the Level Orange:  Safer at Home High Risk Status on Friday, November 13 at 5:00 PM.  Several other counties are also at Level Orange causing the RMR to suspend the Power Series for the time being.  Our county restrictions will also limit the number of players we can have in the gym at practices.  We have spoken directly with the El Paso County Health Department and they are allowing us to have 10 players/court plus coaches and safety staff with a limit of 25 occupants in the gym.  The Board of Directors for CSAVBC is committed to keeping our athletes training in the safest environment possible while adhering to the state and county guidelines.  This may cause modifications to your practice schedule.  Coaches will be reaching out to address changes that need to be made for your players and your team.  There are a few changes that will be club wide: 

1:  If your team is scheduled to practice immediately after another team’s practice, you may not enter the gym until your practice time.  Teams will need to exit practice 5 minutes prior to the end of practice in order to prevent overloading the gym area and to give coaches time to sanitize equipment. 

 2: It is imperative that you report any possible covid symptoms or contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms.  

3:  Masks must be worn covering the mouth and nose at all practices from the time players and coaches enter the gym, until they leave the gym.

4:  Attached to this email you will find the CSAVBC Covid Protocol.  This has been adopted by the club with an effort to be safe and to facilitate as much participation as possible. **see protocol below**


Please note:  Participating in practices and tournaments increases your exposure to all illness and is a risk you are choosing to take by attending.  Any athlete that chooses to quarantine or hold themselves to stricter guidelines than the adopted CSAVBC Covid Protocol will not lose position or standing on her respective team.


Please reach out with any questions or concerns.



Thank you,


Kris Adkins

CSA President