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Erin Maxison

CSAVBC 13 Silver Assistant Coach



Greetings! My name is Erin Maxison, I am interested in coaching for the 2019-2020 club volleyball season. I have played volleyball for eleven years. Most of my volleyball experience comes from playing club. I have a strong passion for volleyball and truly believe it’s the best game! I have played on indoor and outdoor courts. I started coaching around Senior year of High School. In the 2017-2018 season I coached for a 13s regional club team. I recently moved to Colorado and am eager to continue my coaching career here!


I am trained as a player in the defensive specialist position and outside hitter position.

Erin J. Maxison

Counseling department
GOAL ACademy high school-Colorado Springs region


Coach• the Academy Volleyball Club •2017-2018

As one of the two coaches for the 13s regional team I was able to gain more experience coaching at the competitive level. I developed practice plans, game plans and hand selected each player on the team. Focusing on efficient plays, strength and conditioning and overall well-being of the players.

Coach • Sportszone • 2012--2013

In this position I trained young aged girls in the fundamentals of volleyball and identified key players for key positions. I worked with girls when it was their first time stepping on the court. I encouraged and motivated players to improve each game where needed.


Bachelor of Science • May 2017 • Manchester University

At Manchester I played on an intermural team and a mud volleyball team within the four years of attending.  I completed a coaching course in my time at Manchester to learn the basics of how to be an effective coach. I also achieved Dean’s List during my Senior year at Manchester.