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Butter Braids

The time has finally come to start our Butter Braid fundraiser!

You all should have received a separate email with your on-line store link.  If not, please click on the photo above or the link below:



*  Order placement & payment is 100% online this year.

*  For each order, you will receive 40% (minus $1 per sale for admin costs) of what you sell to use as you wish!!!

*  Just in time for the holidays. Braids are extremely popular with family during the holidays.

*  Send the link to friends, family, coworkers & post on social media

*  Braid delivery will be November 21, 2020 at 3:00 PM. You will pick up your orders & deliver to your customers.

Amazon Affiliate Program

When shopping through Amazon, make sure you are using the CSA link! Click the photo above to be taken to the Amazon website.