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Butter Braids

The time has finally come to start our Butter Braid fundraiser!

You all should have received a separate email with your online store link.  If not, please click on the photo above or the link below:



*  Order placement & payment is 100% online this year.

*  For each order, you will receive 40% (minus $1 per sale for admin costs) of what you sell to use as you wish!!!

*  Just in time for the holidays. Braids are extremely popular with family during the holidays.

*  Send the link to friends, family, coworkers & post on social media

*  Braid delivery will be November 21, 2020, at 3:00 PM. You will pick up your orders & deliver them to your customers.

Amazon Affiliate Program

When shopping through Amazon, make sure you are using the CSA link! Click the photo above to be taken to the Amazon website.