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Contact us if you have questions about any of our Programs. We have Youth Programs for ages 9-13, Developmental Volleyball for ages 10-16, Club Volleyball for ages 10-18, and so much more! We are one of the biggest Clubs in the Region with 22 teams this season. Make CSAVBC your home!

Chris Sweeney

Club Director

Phone: 719-648-3755

* New to Altitude Questions

* Tryouts

* Private Lessons

* College Recruitment


Kris Adkins

Club President

Phone: 719-321-2981

* Club Information

* Board of Directors Meetings

* Private Lessons

* College Recruitment

2022 Coaching Staff

Freddy Chiriboga

Club Vice President

* Club Information

* Board of Directors Meetings

Brittany Hartman

Club Coaching Director

Phone: 719-440-7060

* Coaching Information

* New to Altitude Questions

* Private Lessons

* College Recruitment

2020 Staff

2020 Coaching Staff

Tamera Reub

Club Treasurer

Phone: 719-244-2927

* Season Fees

* Payments

* Payment Plans

* Scholarships

Breanna York

Club Secretary/ Communication & Social Media Coordinator

Phone: 719-232-2104

* Send in your team pictures/videos of the season

* Private Lessons

* New to Altitude Questions

* Website Questions

* Board of Directors Meeting notes

2019 Coaching Staff

Stephanie Adkins

Hotel Coordinator, Uniform & Apparel Coordinator

* Hotel Information

* Uniform & Apparel Try-ons

Jordan Bernstine

Ground Up Trainer

Phone: 515-779-1670

* Ground Up Trainer

* Information on Trainings at G. UP facility

2018 Coaching Staff

Lyndsi Quiroz

Lead Development Coach

Phone: 719-661-1703

2017 Coaching Staff

CSAVBC Mailing Address:

PO Box 63374
Colorado Springs, CO 80962