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Queen of the Court League

The registration link for October 2023 will be below on September 18th at 10 am.  Please sign into Sports Engine for access to the registration. 

Queen of the Court League Information

WHO: All volleyball players; ages 11-18 separated by current Middle School and current High School athletes (limit 48 athletes). You do not have to be a part of CSA to participate, this program is open to everyone. Each athlete will register as an individual.


WHAT: Colorado Springs Altitude is offering a Queen of the Court Tournament. This is based on a popular volleyball drill named “The Best Drill in Life”. We will have up to 3 divisions of up to 16 players, per court, depending on the number of players participating (format is subject to change based on the number of players). All players will initially be seeded in divisions by the CSA coaching staff, based upon skill and/or age level. Each session, players accumulate individual points in their division. These points will determine how they are ranked for the following week. CSA will provide a head coach that will oversee the league, each session. There will also be a coach for each court in order to provide feedback, initiate balls (on courts where necessary), manage the playing schedule, and keep track of point totals.


WHEN: Every Friday night in October; Oct. 6th-20th, & Thursday, Oct. 26th

MS ages, 6th to 8th grade - 5:30-7:30pm

HS ages, 9th to 12th grade - 7:30-9:30pm


WHERE: Grand Peak Academy - Cowpoke Rd on October 6th, 13th, 20th, & 26th


WHY: Because you love to play volleyball and you want to improve your skills. 



* 32 players, 16 per court.

* 4 vs 4 – Queen of the Court played in 5-minute intervals.

* There are short breaks after every 5 minute play period.

* Players will switch teammates every 5 minutes.

* This is a pre-determined format from the prior week.

* Each player will keep track of points scored for every rally won in each 5-minute interval. At the end of the 5 minute play period, each player will let their court coach know their point total.

* Players will receive a ranking based upon their point total, each session. Players are ranked 1-16 on their court, based on their point total for the session. 4 players will move up or down based on the finish (ie. players that finish 15th and 16th in Division 1 will become 1-2 in Division 2, 1-2 in Division 2 will become 15-16 in Division 1 and so on for other divisions).

* Movement is dependent on the number of players we have each session and skill level of participants (Coaches discretion)- Prizes are awarded each session for court point, total leaders!!!


COST: $100 for each 4-week session - each session will have a separate registration to sign up for.


REGISTRATION: Because of the nature of this league, we can NOT accept registrations on the first night of the league.  We need to know how many players there will be prior to the first night, in order to set up the schedule and to know the number of courts needed. This program is first-come, first-serve, so sign up NOW!

More Questions?

Please visit our FAQ page for important information! I.E. Registration Help, Age Groups, and more.