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2022-2023 Club Tryouts are complete and teams are formed. Thank you for trying out and congratulations to those who were asked to participate in CSA.

We have a couple of open spots on our 13 Navy and 12 Silver teams still. 

For any open spots or questions, please reach out to Chris Sweeney.

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2022-2023 Coaches Announced!

18Navy - Head: Chris Sweeney; Asst: Danilo Pereira

17Navy - Head: Brittany Hartman; Asst: Melissa Hansen

17Silver - Head: Taralynn Nusbaum; Asst: Gabby Valdez

16Navy - Head: Kris Adkins; Asst: Miranda Kitts and Madi Adkins 

16Silver - Head: Gabby Valdez; Asst: Jennifer Faulkner

15Navy - Head: Brian Hall; Asst: Freddy Chiriboga

15Silver - Head: Gabriella Mills; Asst: Erin Maxison

14Navy - Head: Melissa Sweeney; Asst: Haley McCorkle

14Silver - Head: Tracy Senter; Asst: TBD

13Navy - Head: Breanna York; Asst: Andrea Root

13Silver - Head: Chris Sweeney; Asst: Jacee Espinoza

12Navy - Head: Emma Porter; Asst: Stephanie Adkins

12Silver - Head: Lori Hall; Asst: Amber Pitts 


CSAVBC Mailing Address:

PO Box 63374
Colorado Springs, CO 80962