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CSA has made the decision to cancel all club practices and program activities including Skills and Queen of the Court, effective immediately, through April 30th due to the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19). The CSA Board of Directors will continue to monitor the events and direction from USA Volleyball/RMR. We will continue to communicate any changes/updates with you.

We understand there will be a lot of questions that surround this issue. The Board will meet again on April 15th to continue discussion and go over any new information. We will not have answers to most questions until then, so if you can hold off on asking them, that would be appreciated. We will come out with more information after that meeting.

As always, we appreciate your support and understanding during this time. 

USA Volleyball Updates

Stay in touch with updates on COVID-19 from USA Volleyball.

RMR Volleyball Updates

Stay in touch with updates on COVID-19 from the Rocky Mountain Region Volleyball.

CSAVBC Mailing Address:

PO Box 63374
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Chris Sweeney

Club Director

Phone: 719-648-3755

Kris Adkins

Club President

Freddy Chiriboga

Club Vice President

Tamera Reub

Club Treasurer

Phone: 719-244-2927

Brittany Hartman

Coaching Director

Phone: 719-440-7060

Leslie DeLanghe

Club Secretary


CSAVBC is blessed to have some of the best players and parents. At Power #4, 14 Mike's players and parents, showed the culture of Altitude and went above and beyond for another team.

They were over an hour late on their court, as almost every match went to 3 sets. In the final match, 14 Mike won the Power and beat the Wildcats, who are from Fleming (which is 3+ hours away). The coach of the team and her parents were very worried of the travel back, as there was snow coming in and they had a 3 ½ hour drive ahead of them. Coach Mike asked his team and the player's parents, if they would be willing to stay and officiate the next match, so the Wildcats could get on the road and hopefully beat the storm. Every one of Mike's players and parents agreed to stay. Needless to say the Wildcats were very appreciative and had their players and parents come thank 14 Mike before they left. The club director also made it a point to thank 14 Mike; he said he asked a couple other teams to help out reffing and they turned him down! 

We are so proud of everyone on 14 Mike for their considerate character and demonstrating great sportsmanship. We encourage the rest of the club, to lend a helping hand, even if it's for someone you don't know! 



College Signing News - 2020 Season

       The following have committed to play in college:

Alexa LaMack - Dominican University of California

Aria Schleiker - Luther College

Emma Genrich - Wheaton College

Maggie Masters - Vernon College

Teagan Nevada - Penn St. Harrisburg


Amazon Affiliate Program

Blue - SC1

Green - SC2

Red - Registration

Enter the Olympic Training Center from the North Union Boulevard entrance. As you enter you will need to show your OTC badge. If you need to register for your badge, please let the security officers know and they will let you through. You will use the Red line in the above map, to get to Registration.

To get to either Sports Center 1 or 2, please use the map above to do so (SC1 Left, SC2 Right).

Please see our Facilities tab for addresses of all the facility locations we utilize.

CSA Coaches for 2020 Season

We are excited to announce our coaching staff for the 2020 Season. We feel that CSA has one of the best staffs in the region and can't wait to have your daughter play for one of them! See you in the gym!!!

18 Navy - AJ Palmer, Chelsea Payne

18 Silver - Mike Garcia, Andrea Orth

17 Navy - Kris Adkins, Melissa Hansen

16 Navy - Brittany Hartman, Lyndsi Quiroz

16 Silver - Chris Sweeney, Teaja Rivera

15 Navy - Brian Hall, Megan Orth

15 Silver - Freddy Chiriboga, Codi Williams

14 Navy - Adrianne Dettler, Taylor Barrett

14 Silver - Bre York, Gabby Monteleone

14 Mike - Mike Garcia, Andrea Orth

13 Navy - Melissa Sweeney, Tamera Reub

13 Silver - Gabriella Mills, Erin Maxison

12 Navy - Lori Hall, Annie Kurtz

Check out our Coaching Staff tab for more information on individual coaches.

All 2020 season members of CSA, please use the above link to register for the 2020 season. Please complete this registration for your player before October 1st. Once you complete this registration, your child will be placed on the roster for their team, under the teams pages. Also, please visit your Apple Apps or Android Play Store and download the Sports Engine App. Search 'Sports Engine' in your app store; it will show up as SE with the NBC logo underneath. Download the app and select your team. Once you have selected your team, it will go out for approval- this can take 1-2 days. Once you are approved you will be able to see team communication, team/club news, schedules, etc. We will be using the SE App this season instead of Team App. Please let us know if you have any questions.