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2022-2023 Club Tryouts are complete and teams are formed. Thank you for trying out and congratulations to those who were asked to participate in CSA. For those participants that did not make a club team, we thank you for trying out and wish you the best of luck on your volleyball journey! For any open spots or questions, please reach out to Chris Sweeney.

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2022-2023 Coaches Announced!

18Navy - Head: Chris Sweeney; Asst: Danilo Pereira

17Navy - Head: Brittany Hartman; Asst: Melissa Hansen

17Silver - Head: Taralynn Nusbaum; Asst: Gabby Valdez

16Navy - Head: Kris Adkins; Asst: Miranda Kitts and Madi Adkins 

16Silver - Head: Gabby Valdez; Asst: Jennifer Faulkner

15Navy - Head: Brian Hall; Asst: Freddy Chiriboga

15Silver - Head: Gabriella Mills; Asst: Erin Maxison

14Navy - Head: Melissa Sweeney; Asst: Haley McCorkle

14Silver - Head: Tracy Senter; Asst: Teaja Rivera

13Navy - Head: Breanna York; Asst: Andrea Root

13Silver - Head: Chris Sweeney; Asst: Jacee Espinoza

12Navy - Head: Emma Porter; Asst: Stephanie Adkins

12Silver - Head: Lori Hall; Asst: Amber Pitts 


CSAVBC Mailing Address:

PO Box 63374
Colorado Springs, CO 80962