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CSAVBC Mailing Address:

PO Box 63374
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Need to Make a Payment?

Please contact our Club Treasurer with any questions in regards to season fees, payments, and payment programs.

Chris Sweeney

Club Director

Phone: 719-648-3755

Kris Adkins

Club President

Phone: 719-321-2981

Brittany Hartman

Club Coaching Director

Phone: 719-440-7060

Tamera Reub

Club Treasurer

Phone: 719-244-2927

Freddy Chiriboga

Club Vice President

Please see our Facilities tab for addresses of all the facility locations we utilize.


For Club Dues Payment Information, please click here: Club Payment Options.

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January Newsletter 2021

Player Spotlights, Recruiting Tips and more!!

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Check out our Coaching Staff tab for more information on individual coaches.

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